Know Yom

In what hat and footgear?

Wrong question to ask! I tell you, we won’t finish this discussion if I start to answer that.

But we can always be trivial in approach.

  1. SAP Consultant in a multi-national IT company based in the Philippines
  2. A Political Science graduate. Now that’s weird – I should be in law school. Guess fate has weird ways to detour us.
  3. I follow at least 15 tech sites! All eyes for mobile tech!
  4. I’m wired to patronise sports – basketball, volleyball, handball, bowling, badminton, tennis, boxing. I even prefer playing sports on my console than RPG games!
  5. Football = True Love. The only sport I’ve made time for :)
  6. All ears for good music! My personal favourites are EDM (e.g., trance, dance, club, house, techno), indie pop/folk/rock, and pop-rock (the likes of John Mayer and Pink).
  7. Writer, blogger, and idea-maker. Big word.
  8. I talk with complete strangers.
  9. Food enthusiast. From a measly 110 lbs to 145 lbs in less than a year!
  10. I’m an instinctive traveller. Expect pure spontaneity, getting lost, and laughing about it later!
  11. Polyglot-wanna-be. Work in progress!
  12. History geek (especially during grade school and high school). Treaty of Tordesillas, anyone?
  13. I read books, from the academic ones (i.e., philosophy, psychology) to Hunger Games. I’ve to admit fanaticism on the trilogy.
  14. My heart throbs for anything new!
  15. Easy to get along with. Trust me. Don’t mind the first post! LOL
  16. Someday I want to teach, mix club music, play more competitive football, and write academic papers and articles online. So much for being multi-faceted.
  17. I write well in Filipino. And honestly I’m a better writer using the vernacular language.


Hope to get along with you through a common interest! Let me know if there are any!

It’s actually the first time I’ve written a relatively descriptive ‘About Me’ in years. Amazing. You guys must be privileged enough! Haha

As I’ve said earlier, I talk with complete strangers. So why don’t you pick up the phone and call? I kid. In the meantime, comment on any post here. Or connect with me on Twitter :)


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