La Liga: Matchday 22 Mini-Thoughts

I almost thought of a double celebration in Madrid.

Barcelona already lost on Saturday against Valencia. And I was hoping for an Atlético win and a possible second-place finish for Real Madrid.

Everything seemed to be going well for Los Blancos with Jesé hitting the net at 65′. Amazingly the youngster has scored on the most important matches of the season – and clearly he’s the future of this team Ancelotti should be taking care of.

But alas, a late substitution from Athletic (Ibai Gómez) settled the game at one point a piece. See link featuring the equaliser – scored in just less than a minute after substitution!


And the more controversial thing? Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off!

Whatever he did does not seem to deserve that card. Bias aside, wasn’t Cristiano the one pushed by Gurpegi here? But as always there are bad calls for or against Madrid anyway, some can just be quite decisive depending on the timing.

Even so, a point is still a point. At least we’re tied with Barça, and Real Madrid are slowly creeping in as a real contender for the Spanish cup.

It’s good to see Atlético on top of the league for the first time since 1996. And honestly, even if my allegiance remains on the other side of the capital, I feel that Atlético will win this season.

For more highlights, here’s the link from 101GreatGoals.


Tune Porn #1: ‘The City’ by The 1975

Out of the need to maximise the benefits of having a smartphone-data plan bundle, I considered streaming music over 8tracks on a regular basis.

I love my play list, mind you. It has a sizable range of genre, from pop, indie folk, trance, and even Asian pop – which somehow reflects my randomness.

However, 8tracks can be more advantageous for people who want a ‘flow’ in their listening experience. People in general have the tendency to flood music players with several genres. And if a certain song has already set the mood, say ‘Play Hard’ by David Guetta, clearly a Josh Groban track on queue would spoil the day.

And that’s what 8tracks addresses – by allowing the user to tailor-fit current mood with a specific genre.

So one Friday I decided to use the service and this song by The 1975 got stuck in my head.

It dawned on me that I’ve heard this over the radio a few months back.

I won’t pretend that I’m a big fan of indie rock, but this kind of tune suits me anytime of the day. The song  is catchy enough and doesn’t break my eardrums with the unnecessary growling and percussion.

The accent must be something I need to get used to. Matthew Healy eats his words on some lines and it’s quite annoying for someone like me who doesn’t pick up lyrics unless I read them.

Based on initial research (thanks to Wikipedia), the album was produced by Mike Crossey, who previously collaborated with Arctic Monkeys and Foals. That’s a pretty appealing combination especially that ‘My Number’ went nonstop on my built-in music player for about a week or two.

Perhaps I’ll just stick with The 1975 in the coming days.

Still, He is Yom

VALENZUELA CITY – The Buzzerbeater may have ceased as an online identity, but not his oldest of dreams.

Yom published this entry back in 2008 without any idea of the future.

Yom has been blogging for years now. Starting his career on Blogdrive, he is now a loyal WordPress-er for months. He envisioned that would be his last home before having a .com or a .net site.

Five years after, the post you’re reading now is located on a custom domain.

‘Finally,’ he exclaimed as the press approached. ‘Another dream realised. Shallow but true.’

One reporter asked, ‘Why did it take you this long? You’ve been blogging for almost ten years now.’

His eyes widened, saying, ‘Ten years is an exaggeration! Haha. Ditch the 2004-2006 period, for God’s sake. Those were unproductive years, at least online.

‘Anyway, perhaps my early years did not justify the need to own a domain. It was not part of a student’s allowance.’ And the press laughed.

Initially hosted on Blogspot, Yom made a major move to WordPress in 2007 as ‘The Buzzerbeater‘. It was his most successful blog to date with 43 entries and more than 400 comments. The identity even morphed to a more political one as an attempt to mix political commentaries and student life.

It was officially sacked in December 2010 after experiencing a very long hiatus.

Just shortly, two new identities emerged: a serious personal blogger (The Twelfth Chollima) and a food blogger (Tongue Out).

Yom shared the story behind the move. ‘The 12th Chollima existed during a phase of transition. He was more introspective and had more questions about his life, unlike The Buzzerbeater who seemed to be certain despite the uncertainty.

‘That food blog, on the other hand, was the balancing act. I truly enjoyed restaurant-hopping week after week and writing reviews on what I had eaten. But being a food blogger takes much passion – something I haven’t fully tapped yet.’

When asked if he plans to revive the food blog, he flashed a smile, ‘No promises but let’s see. Writing that genre again can be challenging – at the expense of my weekly fortune though.’

Other than the aforementioned links, he had quite a number of short-lived blogs under his account.

But why hasn’t he moved out of WordPress as promised?

‘ as my last home? True. Because I’m home and I never want to leave. It doesn’t give me any reason to transfer with its .com and .net offerings anyway.’

With a .net domain now, Yom looks poised to frequent the blogosphere once again.

‘Despite the advent of new social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.), blogging has never left me. I’d love to write, meet new people, and encounter new perspectives – just like the old times. How about an exchange of links, folks?’