About this Blog

Warning: This blog is NOT about football.

Okay, let me qualify that: This blog is NOT JUST about football. Sounds better.

Phrasing what a blog is for can be quite hard – and something not urgent on my list at its inception. But I’m considerate enough for those who have been mistakenly directed here. By curiosity, happenstance, or Google Search? Doesn’t matter.


Why ‘Off the Footy Pitch’?
The idea came up after years of virtual identity crisis. (So there’s such a thing…)

Yeah, I have this weird tendency to associate myself with personas, particularly sports-related. Psych tells me it’s a frustration – to be The Buzzerbeater who saves the game with a very critical shot. Or to be The 12th Chollima who could lift up players in low spirits and turn around fortunes. Or to be like this and that.

Now, it’s just about who I am off the pitch – whether that pitch is work or a casual engagement. Just the perfect concept to balance out varying interests.


What can we expect from this blog?
I hate to admit it here: I’m injured and on my way to recovery. Like a true athlete, huh?

No, seriously I am. And this is an attempt to fine-tune my game – my life.

Drama, ugh. *I didn’t read a blog to get drama, we have enough of these on local TV*

Perhaps at this point you’re hovering the cursor above the X button. But let me waste time and space first.

A major sliding tackle hit me badly I couldn’t even stand for myself. One foot shouldered much of the injury. I could barely walk. The pain was unbearable that I thought of losing my football career.

I felt helpless and eventually hopeless. Painkillers just won’t work. I was living a life out of normalcy. I was close to giving up. Many times I’ve lost my passion – and that was pain beyond excruciating.

This was the cross I had to carry for years.

As a new chapter dawns, expect the blog to house my personal journey on recovering, rebuilding and discovering strengths, and reigniting passion. Read my adventures and, perhaps, you could also accompany me!

Oh, how can I forget – my football commentaries! Hala Madrid! :)


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