Chapter 6: Offers

‘That’s hilarious, if not downright crazy.’

Chris chuckles after sipping his ramen. ‘I am serious and sane. Trust me, I won’t even bother giving a word if you were just a backfill.’

I am still not in terms with his logic.

‘To be honest, I don’t even want to talk about this right now. Because if there’s someone you should be talking with right now, it’s not me. Chris, you’re quite aware of this, but I’ve not fully settled in even after several years. Our working relationships may have stabilised, but some issues still exist on my visibility with the whole team and fans alike.’

He continues to sip his ramen and I know all his ears are focused on whatever shit I’m telling him.

‘Many people say I only joined the Legionnaires to stay in front of the media and reap every benefit of becoming one of the team’s faces. A player who plays for the press con and nothing else. Some of our members feel as if the spotlight has been shut out for them.’

Chris contests my point, ‘But you are not the only one gaining exposure here. Everyone in the team has their fair depth of talent.’

‘Of course I know that, Chris. Timing says otherwise however. My transfer happened when the team was augmenting its prestige in the second tier.’

‘Wonder Transfer, that’s what they used to call you.’

I never thought he still remembers that. ‘Whatever, I don’t buy that. I only know two things: that time wasn’t enough to naturally gel with them and that I was accused of having less commitment to play for the team. Then injury hit me towards the midseason, paralysing my efforts to prove myself among my comrades. Plus, who gets interested with an injured player and team anyway, both of which trying to play wholeheartedly with a half-injured foot?’

He does not seem convinced. ‘That’s all in the past. You guys are now champions! And this time, you poured in that much-needed effort to elevate the team to the Pro League! Honestly I give that legacy under your leadership. Fine, if you insist, you didn’t perform as expected in the earlier years. This feat erases all that and qualifies you to take the lead moving forward.’

‘It’s a risk, Chris, I tell you. You are risking team morale and unity by handpicking someone who has rarely thought himself to be part of this squad.’

‘Are you having other offers?’ Chris tries to be more direct.

Suddenly, Sonny Burch is calling.


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