La Liga: Matchday 22 Mini-Thoughts

I almost thought of a double celebration in Madrid.

Barcelona already lost on Saturday against Valencia. And I was hoping for an Atlético win and a possible second-place finish for Real Madrid.

Everything seemed to be going well for Los Blancos with Jesé hitting the net at 65′. Amazingly the youngster has scored on the most important matches of the season – and clearly he’s the future of this team Ancelotti should be taking care of.

But alas, a late substitution from Athletic (Ibai Gómez) settled the game at one point a piece. See link featuring the equaliser – scored in just less than a minute after substitution!


And the more controversial thing? Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off!

Whatever he did does not seem to deserve that card. Bias aside, wasn’t Cristiano the one pushed by Gurpegi here? But as always there are bad calls for or against Madrid anyway, some can just be quite decisive depending on the timing.

Even so, a point is still a point. At least we’re tied with Barça, and Real Madrid are slowly creeping in as a real contender for the Spanish cup.

It’s good to see Atlético on top of the league for the first time since 1996. And honestly, even if my allegiance remains on the other side of the capital, I feel that Atlético will win this season.

For more highlights, here’s the link from 101GreatGoals.


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