Weekly Prompt #1: Quirk of Habit

Let me take a break from the narratives this week.

Just to do something new, here’s my answer on a question posted on The Daily Post. Credits to this post for helping bloggers running out of ideas. Sometimes that’s just what we need to maintain the habit of writing.


Quirky habit that annoys me: Checking SNS feeds (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) seconds after waking up!

Why does it annoy me?
1. It drains my battery and my time.
Gone are the days that I grab my phone to shut off the alarm.

I read status messages instead of books. I chat online instead of interacting with people around. I digest memes instead of breakfast. It goes on for several minutes until I realise how hot my phone has been – and how much time I’ve lost in the process.

If only it could complain for the excessive data usage in the morning.

2. Electrons bombard me.
Because I see negativities and whatnot first thing in the morning. And we don’t greet each other ‘Good morning’ for nothing, right?

3. Because I do it every single morning – even if I know the trade-offs!
Enough said.

Quirky habit that I love: Playing football every weekend!

Why do I love it?
1. It teaches me the power of habit.
There’s something annoying with habits. Perhaps it’s the routine which tends to bore someone who has weak focus. Or the consistency – because I am not consistent myself.

But with football, it’s a different story. My Saturdays have been non-negotiable ever since I’ve set feet on the pitch. It doesn’t feel like Saturday without kicking, running, and spending time with people pursuing the same love for the game.

2. Small talks are not a taboo!
Football is indeed a beautiful game because of the footballers themselves.

Everyone is just accommodating. I can start a casual conversation without the need to please or impress people. One can always find commonalities with them – on and off the pitch.

And if you’re playing with my club (Hewlett-Packard FC), rest assured that it’s always for fun (while not brushing competitiveness aside)! :)

3. I am exposed to learning.
Because football teaches me the power of habit. And not just that.

Beyond improving overall skill set, the sport denies the inner evil in me to do self-blaming for any mistakes I commit during play time. I easily let go, try to create better attempts, and apply theories I’ve learnt during practice on actual scrimmages.

Frankly speaking, if there’s an area of my life which should serve as a model for other improvements areas, it must be football. Every small win didn’t happen without the bad days, bruises, and scratches.

But no injuries please. *knocks on wood*


Do you have quirky habits that annoy or delight you? Go and share using the comment box!


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