2013: My Winning Year

Early this year, I declared 2013 as my winning year.


That act was quite naïve, only made out of hope for 2013 to fare better than the previous year. Neither were signs of the things to come nor opportunities to achieve.

Or it was just me hoping to nail more goals – only to be surprised by finding grander victories.

Enjoying on the football pitch
This sport goes beyond those balls hitting the back of the net.

Football could also mean the surge of adrenaline in a scrimmage, skills learnt during practice, or new friends gained over time of regular play.

Having them all in 2013 is a treble greater than Bayern Munich’s.

To Hewlett-Packard FC and folks I regularly see at Turf BGC, thank you for better weekends! Let’s continue dedicating those days to improve, play more competitively, and bond with each other!

Cheers to more goals, accurate passes, and better ball control!

Learning and having fun at work
I feel like a champion in a team filled with people who love food and fanfare.

These people around made work a little tolerable whenever they ask you to eat ice cream, buy food, or plan for anything nice and bubbly.

AR is a team that knocks on the kid in you.

It’s amazing to see people of different interests and backgrounds co-existing harmoniously and united by one fact – because we AR a team in every aspect of the word.

More team building activities in 2014!

Improving family relations
My family is one of my greatest wins this year.

We have shared milestones in 2013, and those lit up our humble abode even brighter.

The vibe gets even warmer with the continuous love, support, and understanding. I’ve learnt to avoid sweating out the small stuff, to let go when needed, and to share happiness (and even the not-so-happy ones). Lately I feel more excited to reach home, talk with my parents, and gag around with my younger brother.

I am always thankful that you are my family.

And to my friends, you are always part of my family, regardless of distance and frequency of meet-ups.

Setting feet on different lands
With one local and four overseas travel opportunities in 2013, I am literally a lost soul this year.

Wandering around the world has opened a new window of wisdom, from setting feet on a foreign soil, communicating with non-English-speaking people, and considering new perspectives and challenges.

Those long walks pulled me towards streets I’ve never seen, great finds, and authentic local food.

Beyond commercial aspects, I have seen the best and warmest of souls during these trips. They taught me to understand other people, let go of the past, forgive myself, open up and ask for help, live in the now, and be ready for the unexpected.

Once again, I feel comfortable with discomfort.

I went home broke most of the time – but rich in experiences money can’t amount to.

Here’s to hoping for more lost moments in 2014!

Closing a previous life chapter
Perhaps it was destined to end in 2013.

Perhaps I had to go through it during the past few years to appreciate today better.

Honestly there are times I’m trying to forget it happened.

But had things went otherwise, I won’t realise the value of people who have stayed over the years, who remained without judging, who tried to understand me and the not-so-understandable situation, who taught me of fortitude in their simple ways, who lifted my spirits up on the most desperate days, who cried and laughed with me, and who have always believed and hoped for the better things to come.

Thank you for making me realise how I impact your lives and how you impact mine – big time.

People, you know who you are. I love you all.

I am just happy it’s over. Not just because it’s one burden off my chest, but more of the life lessons I gained from those five gruelling years.

Thank you for the battle scars. I am better equipped in 2014 and beyond.


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