Augustly August!

I’ll just make it short and sweet this time by posting two important feats!

Better late than never, as the say.


Season 2012-2013: The Debut

The days are long but the years are short.

-Gretchen Rubin, ‘The Happiness Project’

I wanted to play football – but that’s a thing of the past!

It’s the sport I have always dreamt of playing. And every moment I step on the pitch – whether it’s turf or firm ground – I know I’m living the dream.

Let this pair of cleats serve as a reaffirmation of a budding passion.

The happy kid with his new pair!


Hewlett-Packard FC – My Home Club

Celebrate like a champion – that’s an HP FC trademark!

From its humble beginnings, look how big the club has grown into!

These folks are the best! Thanks for the chance to learn and play the beautiful game. HP FC indeed made sense of such beauty – on and off the pitch – through passionate people and the relationships formed as we all play our hearts out.

And oh, by the way, congratulations for bagging the third spot in the Corporate Football League (Division 3)!

If only HP could sponsor that much-coveted Tottenham Hotspurs jersey!

Another feat for HP FC!


I hope this post will inspire people to try out new stuff even in their early 20s. No age is too old to start new hobbies, take risks, and cultivate passion.

As what my favourite brand says,

Impossible is nothing.


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